Step 1 - Bar Screen (Screening)

  • ♦ The effluent is screened using mild steel perforated grate bars.
  • ♦ All solid particles thus screened / filtered off shall be manually removed periodically and disposed through municipal sources.

Step 2 - Primary Treatment

  • ♦ Equalization: The effluent / wastewater shall be collected in the transit collection sump for equalization.The oxidizing liquid NOXXALL®(liquid incinerator) is dosed at this tank as per the required measure. SEWAGE TREATMENT: NOXXALL® (liquid incinerator) + polishing agent. FOR EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANTS
  • ♦ Flocculating, Coagulating and dosing system - (lime, PAC, alum, poly as suitable). The flocculent / coagulant are dosed in a flash mixing tank for a proper mix that is fitted with a slow stirring system coupled with a dosing dispenser system that are flow dosed.
  • ♦ Settling Tank / Clarifier: The sludge ( fluffy in nature) is allowed for settlement in the hopper bottom tank for solid - liquid speperation resulting in almost clear water.

Step 3 - Tertairy Treatment

  • ♦ The supernatant treated effluent / water from the Clarifier over flow to a filter feed tank which shall be tertiary treated through Media filters (Media: Granular Activated Carbon & Graded Sand), where the color, turbidity and COD present will completely be minimized.
  • ♦ The treated water is then collected in the final collection tank. The collected treated water shall be pumped and maybe reused for gardening and irrigation.
  • ♦ The same water could be used for back washing of filters. The back wash drain / filter rinse water shall NOT be pumped / drained back to equalization tank but to a sand bed.

Advanced Nano Oxidation Technologies are an environmentally friendly approach to target contaminants, such as in waste water, and to remove toxic or non-degradable materials. It deals with the removal of pesticide, petroleum ingredient, and VOC.

Applications Treatment & reuse
Hospitals Clinics- Blood banks Laboratories Treatment of medical liquid discharge, Best disinfectant, sterilization of surgical instruments, Linen, floor cleaning, Fumigation, landscape watering
Pharmacuticals Treatment of effluent / sewage discharge
Heavy industries Treatment of effluent / sewage discharge
Water parks Stabilizer and disinfectant - reuse
Laundry Disinfectant and reuse
Swimming pools Stabilizer and disinfectant - reuse
Automoible Treat ment of effluent / sewage - reuse
Garment dying Treat ment of effluent / sewage - reuse
Cooling towers Algae free water for reuse
Technology parks Sewage reuse for landscape watering
Oil extraction units Effluent / sewage
Distilleries / breweries Treatment of effluent / sewage discharge
Dairies Treatment effluent / sewage discharge
Food & beverages Bottle washing, disinfectant, treatment of effluent / sewage discharge
Animal farms Water treatment - disinfectant
Aqua farms Water treatment - disinfectant
Agriculture Water treatment post harvest preservation of fruits and vegetables
Food processing - freezing Disinfectant, preservation, treatment of waste water.
Paper manufacturing Treatment of effluent / sewage discharge
Transport Vehicle washing / container disinfection
City municipal corporations City discharge reuse for borewll recharge, Lake pond refills, highway plantation, Garden sprinkle.
Golf courses Land scape sprinkle
Mineral water Equipment bottling disinfectant