What is nanotechnology? (1st fold)

Nanotechnology is a futuristic technology that combines the knowledge of different disciplines like physics, chemistry and engineering. It has a broad spectrum of applications in fields like artificial intelligence, space sciences, environmental sciences, health sciences, and soil sciences. It’s application can also be extended to treatment of wastewater. This involves the process of manipulating materials at the nanoscale level, with the purpose of softening the water through the elimination of physical, biological and chemical contaminants. 

How we Use Nanotechnology? (3rd Fold) 

We are spearheading wastewater treatment with the aid of nanotechnology, making wastewater treatment more efficient, technically viable and economically affordable. Applying nanotechnology in the field of wastewater treatment combats various challenges posed by conventional wastewater treatment methods.

Advanced Nano Oxidation Technology (ANOT) (4th Fold)
ANOT is an oxidation process that utilizes hydroxyl radical (·OH) for oxidation, without dependence on electrical power, cutting the cost required for electrical consumption necessary for conventional methods of wastewater treatment. It requires environmentally friendly chemicals. This process has been successfully used to remove toxic organic, inorganic and metal contaminants.

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