OZO NANO SCIENCES introduce NOXXALL®(liquid incinerator) an environmental friendly invention designed for liquid incineration of organic, inorganic and heavy metal contaminant in wastewater. NOXXALL® (liquid incinerator) a liquid engineered innovation with powerful exothermic reactions generates ions such as hydro-peroxides, super oxide ions and ozonide ions.

We specialize in the treatment of medical liquid waste, industrial effluent, domestic sewage discharge (grey or black wastewater) with high loads of bacteria, toxicity, chemicals and heavy metals, neutralizing them to meet discharge standards. Treated wastewater is ready for discharge within a short time leaving the Treatment Plant dry.

NOXXALL® (liquid incinerator) works on organic compounds in wastewater in numerous ways - convert one compound into another (conversion), change with reduction in toxicity and mineralization (breaking the organic down to CO2 and inorganic salts). In some cases, discharge limits simply require conversion from a compound to another that is not covered by the limit.

NOXXALL® (liquid incinerator) Nano formulation uses environmental friendly oxidizers to oxidize and destroy mold, viruses, bacteria, yeast, algae beyond reproduction levels, VOCs, smoke into harmless CO2 and water. Environmental friendly oxidizers mean oxidizers that convert into safe oxygen and hydrogen when the oxidation occurs. Powerful exothermic reactions by NOXXALL® (liquid incinerator) generate ions such as hydro-peroxides, super oxide ions and ozonide ions.

NOXXALL® (liquid incinerator) can detoxify a broad range of organic and inorganic wastes, including sulfides, thiosulfates, sulfites, mercaptans, disulfides, phenols and substituted phenols, chlorine, cyanides, organic amines and aldehydes. This range continues to widen as other treatment methods are becoming obsolete, environmentally unsafe and expensive.