In coming years, world will face problems like water pollution, owing to the fact that an increasing amount of waste will land in water bodies; And with the higher demand for water consumption that comes with it, there is a dire need for effective wastewater recycling processes. We provide our solution through Noxxall llp

How NOXXALL® Works?

Noxxall® is a nano engineered liquid formulation that reacts on pathogens, germs, bacterial contaminated wastewater in two ways. First, by killing the contaminants by an Oxidative Degradation Reaction (ODR). Second, they enhance the long-lasting oxidative effect, thereby ensuring the prevention of any further growth of pathogens, germs and bacteria. This reaction of our product is attained by a formulation with a special manufacturing process.  

NOXXALL® Features

Oxidation of Organics

NOXXALL® is a very potent liquid incinerator in the treatment of natural and synthetic organic materials. NOXXALL® destroys organic materials in minutes, sometimes even in seconds.

Oxidation of Inorganic

NOXXALL® is highly effective in treating inorganic materials. It facilitates the oxidation, precipitation and subsequent removal of inorganic unoxidized materials through filtration. Iron and manganese are easily oxidized into a particulate for filtration.

Benefits of NOXXALL®


ANOT treatment time 2 seconds- 6 minutes


NoxxaLL® generates less sludge in comparison to conventional

No Side-effects

There are no side effects as the process of treatment is intended to eliminate toxicity

Less Cost

Compared to conventional methods, NOXXALL® treatment is cost effective, operates with minimum equipment that saves electrical consumption and occupies less space.


NOXXALL® has applications in all heavy, medium and small industries.


ANOT treated water can be treated water can be transported to lakes, ponds, borewell recharge and farming areas. This increases the ground water level considerably

NOXXALL® Applications


Treatment Of Effluent


Treatment Of Effluent


Treatment Of Effluent

Mass Laundry

Disinfectant & Reuse


Treatment Of Effluent​


Treatment Of Medical Liquid Discharge

Distilleries and Breweries

Treatment Of Effluent

Food and Beverages

Treatment Of Effluent

Leather Industry

Treatment Of Effluent

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