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Dr. Madan Iyengar
CTO @ NOXXALL llp – Bangalore

Specializes in Advanced Nano materials application, has over 15 years of practically involved experience. Has innovated and developed ADVANCED NANO OXIDATION TECHNOLOGY process. On invite from UNITED NATIONS presented technical research papers on “RELEVANCE OF NANOTECHNOLOGY IN WATER, WASTE WATER DE-CONTAMINATION AND DIS-INFECTION @ Malacca in Malaysia. As invitee at IITR (Indian Institute of Toxicology Research) presented technical papers on “RELEVANCE OF NANOTECHNOLOGY IN WATER, WASTE WATER DE-CONTAMINATION AND DIS-INFECTION”. With wide exposure to global markets, has a passion for treatment of water, wastewater and effluents. Sugofil® treatment plants his brain child is integrated with ANOT process and has been installed in many places. Has also innovated containerised modular plug and play mobile treatment plants a first of its kind in the global market.

Extensive research is on for application of ANOT in health, agriculture and other sectors. He could be reached at:-

Mail : info@noxxall.com / nanosciences@hotmail.com

Website : www.noxxall.com
Phone : 09845016035


Srinivas A. C

Srinivas A. C. – COO @ NOXXALL llp has wide experience in assessment of industrial effluents from diverse industries for treatability. A team leader, motivator, quick assessor of treatment plants either for modifications or new one’s for providing solutions. Has good exposure to global markets.