NOXXALL® Provides water treatment solutions

NoxxaLL® Provides water treatment solutions

NOXXALL llp a Bangalore based organization offers a revolutionary treatment process called ANOT ( ADVANCED NANO OXIDATION TECHNOLOGY ) invented by OZO NANO SCIENCES (an R & D company). NOXXALL provides Global marketing, distribution and plant operations for this unique effluent treatment technology.

Noxxall Offers solutions to treat wastewater – effluent from diverse industries, wherein we pioneer a unique and emerging treatment process based on ADVANCED NANO OXIDATION TECHNOLOGIES. Technologies are continuously evolving, innovative technologies change methods to improve / better treatment quality for reuses and or safer discharge of treated wastewater with advantages, thereby saving ground water for drinking purposes to larger section of society.

ANOT process a unique and emerging technology with application in treatment of effluent from diverse industries like petrochemicals, refineries, slaughter houses, textiles, automobile industries, dairies etc.

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(Liquid Incinerator) an environmental friendly nano engineered liquid formulation to treat pollutants like organic, inorganic and heavy metal contaminants in effluents from diverse industries.

Uniqueness of ANOT process application is that the reaction time to oxidise most pollutants in effluents is just around 2 seconds to 6 minutes. Sludge generated is almost NIL.


Filtration process arrests un-oxidized particles, reduces turbidity and suspended solids thereby polishing the treated water.


These plants are modular, occupy less space, can be installed on roof tops and can be relocated if required. 


A first in the world – batch treatment plant on wheels wherein quantities ranging from a minimum of 2 kl to 200 +kl could be treated at site and the truck moved. 


Advanced Nano Oxidation Technology is a further development to AOT (Advanced Oxidation Technology) with application of synergy of reaction to trigger formation

Advanced Nano Oxidation Process

A chemical treatment process

Hydroxyl Radicals OH-

Creation of Hydroxyl Radicals is the most powerful method for oxidation


Catalyst + Oxidant + Contaminants → Free Radicals + Contaminants


Is a reaction based on electromagnetic radiation, resulting in generating thermal energy or heat.


Contaminants are by themselves catalysts for reaction by our process

Oxidation Potential

Advanced Nano Oxidation Technology is a further development to AOT.


The expression exothermic means a procedure or reaction that liberates.


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