The world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. In such a situation, the world will face problems like water pollution, owing to the fact that an increasing amount of waste will land in water bodies. And with the higher demand for water consumption that comes with it, there is a dire need for effective wastewater recycling processes.

SugoFil offers a quick, convenient, and effective wastewater treatment solution, that accentuates and accelerates the process of wastewater treatment through economically and environmentally friendly methods.

SugoFil is a modular treatment plant with plug and play facility, making it a cost-effective alternative to conventional wastewater plants. It employs an energy-efficient process that removes the need for the use of harmful and hazardous chemicals.

It requires the use of safe chemicals only, which adhere to MSDS standards, making it environmentally friendly. It makes 90% of the wastewater reusable, which is a breakthrough in water treatment technology. Sugofil incorporates minimum electrochemical equipment which makes it very easy to maintain while also offering optimum safety and rapid-turnaround time. 

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