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Advanced Nano Oxidation Technology is a further development to AOT (Advanced Oxidation Technology) with application of synergy of reaction to trigger formation of .OH radicals, without dependency on electricity. Creation of hydroxyl radicals is the most powerful method for oxidation. This process eliminates a wide variety of toxic compounds and microscopic pollutants. Organic contaminants, pesticides, biocides or medicines are commonly to be found in drinking and waste water. Biological waste water treatments are no longer sufficient to guarantee complete decomposition.

Oxidation Potential

Fluorine 2.23
Hydroxyl Radical- NOXXALL®(liquid incinerator) 2.06
Atomic Oxygen – singlet 1.78
Ozone 1.52
Chlorine 1.00


Advanced Nano Oxidation Technology Process
ExothermicPhoto thermal
Nano technologyTertiary
Hydroxyl Radical

Advanced Nano Oxidation Process

A process combined with chemical treatment intended for oxidation of organic, inorganic and heavy metal pollutants in wastewater.

Hydroxyl Radicals: hydroxyl radical, .OH

It is the impartial structure of the hydroxide ion (OH-). Hydroxyl radicals are extremely reactive; reacts on pathogens / germs / bacterial contaminated media by two ways; firstly, they kill the pathogens / germs / bacteria by an oxidative degradation reaction (ODR). Secondly they demolish the dead biomass to (beyond reproduction level) water and oxygen.


The expression exothermic means a procedure or reaction that liberates power from the system, generally in the form of high temperature.


A material, typically used in diminutive amounts comparative to the reactants, which alter and boost the rate of a reaction. Some contaminants are catalysts by themselves. Heterogeneous catalysts do not hamper with the reactions.

Hydroxyl radicals are oxidation substance

They attack any particle in their surroundings in order to stabilize their unpaired electron pattern. Hydroxyl radicals are capable of breaking double bonds (C=C, N=N), degrade hydrocarbons. Hydroxyl radicals break the double carbon bond that form fatty acid chains which create F O G buildup. FATS, OIL AND GREASE – FOG decreases capacity, affects process and clogs lines in addition to being expensive for removal and disposal. While odor control is often the primary interest, the hydroxyl radical is an effective method of preventing grease buildup.


It is a reaction based on electromagnetic radiation, resulting in generating thermal energy or heat. The term “photo” comes from “photon” which is light. The capability of the catalyst to generate electron-hole pairs, which produce free radicals (hydroxyl radicals: .OH).


Burns the pollutant in succession of exothermic chemical reaction between a pollutant and an oxidant that reacts by creating high temperature


Influence substance on a tiny and molecular level. Normally, nanotechnology is a process to develop materials that are downsized from 100 to 1 nanometer. The smaller the particles, the more surface area they have available to capture free radicals. A gram of even nano particles size can have surface area of larger than a football field. Pollutants are oxidized by a combination of reactions like exothermic, photo catalytic and chemical by hydrogen peroxide, catalysts, in prescribed doses.

Advanced Nano Oxidation Technologies are an environmentally friendly approach to target contaminants, such as in waste water, and to remove toxic or non-degradable materials. It deals with the removal of pesticide, petroleum ingredient, and VOC.

Reaction Summary:

Catalyst + Oxidant + Contaminants → Free Radicals + Contaminants

Less harmful contaminants + H2O + CO2 + Salt

The power of oxidation to degrade pollutants depends on these factors

  • The concentration of free radicals
  • Pollutant load in parameters

Tertiary Treatment: sand / special media / micron / ultra filtration.

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